The roots of our company:

The roots of the GBU are in the company PFI (Parkett Fabrik AG Interlaken - Parquet Factory Ltd Interlaken) which was founded in the year 1850. It is probably one of the oldest general contracting companies, as it was providing turn-key buildings from the earliest days under the name Chalet- & Parkettfabrik (Chalet- & Parquet Factory).

In recent years, GBU, together with various architects and engineers, was constructing hotels, wellness facilities, commercial-, residential- & industrial buildings. An important speciality of GBU are renovations and conversions.

Documents (in German):
Die Zeit vor der Gründung der PFI
Geschichte der PFI und HTI
Der Weg bis zum Stedtlizentrum
Werdegang und Aktivitäten
A3800 (Aktion 3800)

Impressions from the history:

View of Unterseen in 1819
Map of the PFI facilities, 1850
The first chalets were delivered to Paris
Machines with mechanical transmission